7 Habits of Highly Jerky People

Paul Blais | Episode 264

Paul Blais 7 Habits of Highly Jerky People

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We’ve all seen the jerk- not the movie starring Steve Martin, but the actual creature roaming freely about the planet. They have short tempers in long lines. These are the people that honk their horns in bumper-to-bumper traffic. You will find them in the office rudely balling someone out for not responding quickly enough to an email. And sometimes we find them right in our face. Jerks!

Bill Watterson said, “We don’t devote enough scientific research to finding a cure for jerks.” Because there is no cure-all, the next thing we need is a great way to accurately identify jerks, and come up with a game plan to counteract their jerky behavior.

Following are the top 7 habits of jerks that you will no doubt recognize. I also want to to give you some tactics on how to respond to their bad habits.

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Define the Roles

SurfingEvery time we meet someone it is interesting that one of the first questions that is most often asked is, What do you do? We want to evaluate this person and see where they land in the scheme of life and somehow that job position will answer the questions of their potential value. We’ve all done it and do it to some extent. If the person is the president of a bank, then we have a certain level of respect or contempt. The school janitor gets a another valuation. The artist or author or actor or dentist or plumber or waitress or pilot all get their placement in our Continue reading

So Fast

TogetherFor all the bad press pastors seem to get these days, the vast majority of them are just doing the best they can to help out the people that they have been entrusted to care for. One such pastor has in his church a couple that have been married a long time. The husband is ninety years old and the wife is eighty-six and both are still in their first marriage. But these past few years have been a little tough. The wife no longer lives in their home, but rather lives in a care facility. The husband no longer drives and needs to be shuffled back and forth between their Continue reading

Upping Your Google Ranking

webtwopointo_collage2.039I am not really sure how anyone can truly know how many websites are out there, but Netcraft is giving it a go through their surveys. This month’s survey (February 2014) found that there are 920,102,079 active sites in the world- and that is up 58 million more than last month! That is a lot of sites. If anyone is new to the game of trying to make an impact online, it can seem like a daunting task to try and compete in such a crowded space.

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The Art of Balancing Power

11Here’s a story: It involves a fast-food employee, a fast-food boss, and some rude behavior. So one night the employee, who is a young man, was working a particular station that evening. The boss, who is the owner and was working even though the restaurant manager was on duty, was working another station nearby. But instead of managing, he was riding. For an entire shift the boss was jumping on the back of the young employee. There were steps that had to be done for each customer order and the manager would raise his voice and tell the employee what to do next even while the employee was just about to move on to this next stage in the food prep. The boss was Continue reading

“I Want To Start A Podcast”

11Podcasting has roared back to life. At least that is what the articles say. I didn’t even notice the slump. I found out about podcasts years ago when I won an free iPod. I started downloading shows about writing so I could glean from the conversations between authors. I had an idea for movie so I downloaded a mess of shows about script writing. I have always been fascinated with the entrepreneurial life, so I listened to a few of those kind of shows. So I was a junkie. Getting on my computer and downloading a few days worth of material and then syncing it all to my iPod.

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Digging a Well

11I have always been a fan of the quote. A little snippet of some truth or a wonderful weaving of words that is so delicious to the soul. Some are fraught with a daunting nature that helps to put something into perspective. Ernest Hemingway happened to be the kind of person that came up with so many potent quotables. One such smackerel of Hemingway had to do with writing. He said, “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”

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A Before-Hand Decision

11Have you read the speech for the moon disaster that never happened? Nixon had two speeches prepared for the Apollo 11 moon landing mission of 1969. That is a huge deal to send people to the moon. With all the sci fi available to day, the idea of going to the moon seems a bit mundane today, but believe me, it is anything but. Especially back then. I’ve heard it said that the phone in my pocket has more computing power than the computer aboard that space craft. So the idea that things could go very bad was a very real threat. So two speeches were prepared for the event. One was a victory speech and the other was Continue reading

A Eulogy


I have been a pastor for decades. Some of that time was a full time gig, but most of it has been volunteering or part time. The profession used to be generally a respected position in the community. Somehow over the past fifteen years the pastor job has gotten a few black eyes and bloodied nostrils. Sure, there are some guys out there that have sullied the job, but that dirt got splashed pretty universally in the pop cultures eyes. The pastor today has become somewhat marginalized. That is, until someone needs to be Continue reading